Date of Publish: 06/08/2006

Increased levels of transition metals in breast cancer tissue

Ionescu J, Novotny J, Stejskal V, Latsch A, Blaurock-Busch E, Eisenmann-Klein M. Neuro Endocrinol Lett 2006; 27(Suppl 1): 36-39
The content of heavy and transition metals in 20 breast cancer biopsies and 8 healthy biopsies was assessed by a standardized Atomic Absorption Spectrofotometry and Inductive Coupled Plasma–Mass Spectroscopy technique. A highly significant accumulation of iron (p<0.0001), nickel (p<0.00005), chromium (p<0.00005), zinc (p<0.00001), cadmium (p<0.005), mercury (p<0.005), and lead (p< 0.05) was found in the cancer samples when compared to the control group. The data suggest that pathological accumulation of transition metals in breast tissue may be closely related to the malignant growth process.

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